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Saturday, December 16, 2017

List of Items Stolen from Ken Eder's Show!

Hello guys,

This is a partial list of what was taken from Ken Eder at the 100 Years of Progress Show this year in Carthage, North Carolina.   We are hoping that our friends and customers will be able to help find these items and get them returned.  If you spy one of these items, please alert us or someone in authority and we will be glad to help you get in touch with the Eder family!


List of Pedal Tractors:

AC G Custom 
WD AC 45 
8530 T Track Tractor 
Big M Eska Farmall 
8N Boomer Ford 
LA JD One Bottom Plow 
101 JD Proto type 
JD 4202 PDW Disc Blade 
730 H Crop JD 
A JD Repro Fiasokes 
130 Eska JD 
H JD Plow 
4020 JD 4 Plow 
A JD Spokes & 2 Plow 
M Moline 4 Star 
44 Oliver Custom 
Ford 2 Row Picker 
IH 4x4 Pedal 
660 Custom Fenders WF 
A RP Spokes 1 Bottom Plow 
Coffin Block A 
Pink H Farmall Slot Wheels 
620 JD Eska 
5020 WF JD 
460 ESKE Farmall 
JD 9520 Pedal 
7400 JD 
990 Oliver 
1800 Oliver Purple 
1650 Oliver WF 
440 Oliver 
66 Oliver Orchard 
88 Oliver H Crop 
Oliver 66 Custom 
Small GO JD Eska 
60 Orchard Custom Oliver 
MM 2 Custom 
OC 4 Custom 
1850 Oliver Eska 
Heisler Garst Custom 
JD 4203 PT H-C 
Cub Cadet WF 
Silver King G 
445 M Moline 
Pony M H Custom
Gibson Custom 
F-12 Spokes Farmall 
TOT M Moline
8000 Ford
Cockshutt 40 Custom
Cockshutt 660 Custom
Farmall M White Demo
Farmall 660 WF


33 Oliver Combine
403 IH Combine
JD 40 Combine
MH 60 Combine
JD 40 Combine
Minn Moline Uni-Picker
Wood Custom Truck
AC 100 Combine
JD 55 Combine
AC 60 Combine
Ford Wagon
H-JD 2 44 Plow
Ford Pull Combine
MM Picker
Ford Wagon
535 Oliver
650 Case
60 Cockshutt

Erisson Hot Air Fan
11 Lanterns

Harley Davidson
Gene Autry
High 2 Wheeler Penny-Farthing (Around 1875)
Phillip 66

Again - if you see any of these items, please let us know!