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Friday, April 22, 2011

Coke Drum Officially Announced!

Hello all - 

Mammoet has officially announced the huge Coke Drum Move model.  This was announced at CONEXPO by DHS - we had the information a month earlier - as Mammoet allowed us to pre-sell.  Now that the model is available I would not hesitate to grab one before they are all gone!

Mammoet Store proudly introduces the biggest transport combination in scale 1:50:

Mammoet Coke Drum Move (1:50)
Manufacturer: WSI
Material number: 410044
Selling price: $1495
Specs: Mammoet package, certificate, 600pc limited edition.
Gone = Gone

You can find more information about this transport attached.
Watch the video of this move: – Video: “Alberta, Canada – On the road”.

This set consists:
Ø       2x Kenworth C500B with ballast box
Ø       1x Western Star 4964SX-1 with ballast box
Ø       12x Scheuerle Intercombi Trailer modules “Canadian Road Style”
Ø       2x Drawbar
Ø       1x Set frames and turntables
Ø       1x Coke Drum

Specs Coke Drum Move:
Ø       Total length                  1822 mm = 5.9 ft
Ø       Total height                  227 mm = 8.9 in
Ø       Total width                    203 mm = 7.9 in
Ø       Length Coke Drum        857 mm = 2.8 ft

If you want to place an order, or do have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Place and order on our website at:

Here are some additional photos from the model release information...

And of course we have some amazing photos of the real move...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TCA Spring Show

Hello gang,

Sitting in a hotel room in York, Pennsylvania.  Raining and cold here (as usual).  Below are some pics of our booth.  We are featuring the Mammoet Coke Drum Move Set  as well as a couple of prime pieces of the Refinery Model shown originally at the DHS Open House 2010.

The Refinery looks great in our booth with some models surrounding it.  We have brought some very reasonable cost items for the Train Collectors Association members to check out.  You have to be a TCA member to come to this show!

Heard that back at the office the Kokosing RT540 Crane Models have arrived.   Get your orders in as this is a very limited run.  I think we only have about 40 left.   Also heard that the McAleese model run of 24 pieces we negotiated from Drake have arrived and were shipped out.

Rest of the Drake should be on their way as well as the Sword Model Flatbed models.  These are pre-selling very well and should be ordered if you have not already.

Talked to Classic Construction Models and the D9T brass models have been palletized for shipment to DHS.  We will be getting them next week - so we are placing calls to get payments ready for these sold out models!

That's all for now - thanks for listening.

Check out the pics below... looks good huh?  TCA does not actually allow cameras in the halls - so these are highly illegal photos - don't tell anyone...

Friday, April 8, 2011

More information

Just received some new info on the XPC Models and Drake Models that are incoming.  Both are in the same container and should be delivered into the USA on 5/1/11.  That means we should have them, barring any customs delays, the first or second week of May.  Will keep you informed via this blog and our facebook page. 

By the way - did you know that DHS has a facebook page?  Don't ask me where it is - as I don't have one personally (yet), but we do.  Check out that page for new product announcements and the like.

Plans are to leave for York Pennsylvania and the TCA (Train Collectors of America) show on Tuesday of next week.  We will be in the main GOLD hall as we have been for the last 2 years displaying the Mammoet Coke Drum model as well as some parts of the massive refinery model we had out at our Open House last year.  I will try to dig up some pics of that for you later.

Speaking of Open House - remember to mark your calendars for July 30-31 this year for the BIG EVENT.  We anticipate this being bigger and better than ever!  Looking forward to seeing many old friends at this event.  Make sure to get your hotel reservations in early as they book up quickly during that weekend - as there always seems to be another event that same weekend.  It is nice to be a leader - everyone always follows us here at DHS!

That's all for now - I will get some pics of the Open House from last year posted up here soon.  I think you will enjoy them.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm Back

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in blogging - had travel fatigue from Vegas as well as had to get orders in from the show.  As you can tell, we had a great time - and it was good to see everyone at the show.  Met some new friends as well.

Just so you know, the balance of the Sword Model HET (Heavy Equipment Transport) models arrived this last week.  We had 150 of the Camo and 100 of the Black/Green models come in and go right back out.  They were all pre-ordered and so none are currently available.  We would like to do another run someday but that day is in the future a few years I think.  Will keep you informed.

Other news is that CCM has introduced some new models while we were at CONEXPO.  A new Cat Excavator and also a 1:87 scale Lampson 4600 crane is coming.  We will have all of the part numbers on our DHS website by Monday.  Just never got them listed this week.

Heard that the first of the P&H 4100XPC models are starting to arrive.  We were promised ours this month and will work hard to get them shipped out quickly.  You can still order one of these spectacular models on our website.  Got to see this model up close at CONEXPO and I was impressed!  The working lights really take this one over the top in detail.

Also had the Komatsu PC8000 in the booth at the show.  Another very nicely detailed model that is still available for pre-orders.

I did also get to see the Manitowoc 31000 model at the show.  This is an amazing model as well.  You really need to have this model in your collection!  The multi-tracks and realism of this model is hard to beat.  The model has been delayed until the end of the year for delivery - but it will be worth the wait!

Of course I am partial to the Mammoet Coke Drum Move model.  Some history on this model...  DHS joined forces with WSI to help with the original research for this model in that we sent the illustrious Dan Goins (of the extremely detailed 1:87 scale brass model fame) to the Great White North to visit the Mammoet yard where the Kenworth C500 and Western Star Heavy Haul trucks actually used in the move were located.  Dan did a tremendous job detailing out with photos and descriptions the complexity of the trucks as well as the trailer used in the move as well.  This information was provided to WSI to insure the model was identical to the actual machines used in the move.  The final test for WSI's attention to detail on this model was when the truck driver who drove the lead Western Star truck on the actual move visited our booth at CONEXPO.  In talking to him, he said he came to see the model specifically to show us what we did wrong.  He was so impressed with the accuracy that he said he could not find even one item that was incorrect.  He was worried that we would duplicate American Kenworths and Western Stars instead of the Canadian ones used in the move.  We showed him just how detailed we could get and he was very impressed.  I think he spent over 2 hours checking out the model in the booth and he just kept coming back!

That's all I can think of tonight - will post some more tomorrow.  Got some great pics of Australian Heavy Haul from a collector and photographer in Australia that I cannot wait to share.

Thanks for reading - talk soon.