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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here are some pics from the auction last weekend - had a great time...

A really clean warehouse

Some of the staff ready to go

Expecting maybe 30 people for the live auction.

Some items on the tables

Some more items

Our lovely auctioneer!

Preview time!

The guy on the right is Roger Hull!

After the auction - right before cleanup!

We ended up with about 35 people attending the live portion - many more than expected.  We sold over 315 lots that day - was lots of fun!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello all,

Thanks to all who attended the auction yesterday.   We had a great time with the attendees, ate some pizza and sold over 320 items all-told.  I will post some photos from the day later on today!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello all,

Some final photos from my trip to visit Mammoet...  These are some final shots of a hat collection in one of the buildings used for maintenance, repair and staging of equipment.  The second last photo shows my tour guide and favorite Dutchman, Jan Van Wees.  Thank you Opa for all of the time you spent providing the tour and information!!

Arriving on the Mammoet Property.

Note the photo above Jan's head in this photo and the one before it.  Story below.

Leaving the property!
The Faun truck shown in the photo is 45 years old and still in action at Speedways Heavy Transport in Karachi, Pakistan.  This is one of the first projects that Jan worked on for the Van Seumeran family in the early days of his employ.  The truck holds some fond memories for my tour guide shown in the photo.

Hope you have enjoyed my little trip to Holland!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello all,

Some great photos of a Mack Prime Mover in the Mammoet Yard in Schiedam, Holland.  From what I understand, this truck was used overseas for many, many years and was finally retired and set up in the Mammoet yard.  Just an amazing ride...

That last photo gives you an idea of how large this machine really is.  That guy standing in front is not too small!



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello all,

Some photos from the Mammoet Shop at the headquarters in Schiedam, Holland!  The store is still being setup as they recently moved into a new building.  But the store looks great!

Outside on one of the maintenance buildings.

Mammoet models in the showcase in the store.

Lots of other items for sale too.

Negotiating with Christiaan for better prices!

Which one is bigger?   From the front door of the Mammoet building!

Hope you enjoy these photos.  The last 2 photos are compliments of my favorite Dutchman, Jan Van Wees!  Thank you Opa!


Hello all,

Here are some photos of the SPMT deliveries to Mammoet - and how they offload the trailer components.  Interesting to see in person!

Here comes the truck with a SPMT delivery inside!

Truck with sides off - ready to unload!

Unloaded models attached.

Modules unloaded and waiting

The crew unloads the modules off the delivery truck with an industrial crane hoist in the building.  Takes quite a bit of work to get these cleanly off the trucks.

Interesting !


Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello all,

Trying to keep the ball rolling with interesting pics and posts.  Tonight we are doing a video shoot of the 2012 Spring Auction at DHS Diecast.  We will be highlighting some of the more unique models listed for sale in this auction.  You will notice that all items are available to bid - there are no minimums at all and all items will sell at this auction!  Check out the items we have available for sale at DHS Live Auction Link

The video will be posted later this week - keep an eye on the link above to see the items up close and personal.

Also - watch this space - I have not finished posting my pics from my Mammoet Headquarters visit just yet.   I have some more photos I am sorting through to get posted.

Thanks for reading!