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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monstrous Open House Sale Details

OK - here it is!!!

BOGOT at the DHS Open House 2011

To celebrate our 12th Annual Open House Event, we have come up with a very special, one-time-only sale.  Only live attendees of the Open House 2011 will be eligible for this special offer.  (No dead attendees are allowed to do this).

From Friday July 29th (during the Preferred Customer Viewing) all the way through Sunday, July 31st, we are offering our on-site Open House customers the opportunity to purchase a Sword Model at regular price and get an additional Sword model of equal or lesser value for 12 bucks ($12).  (That is one dollar for each year we have setup an open house).

BOGOT stands for Buy One Get One for Twelve bucks!  You heard right, Sword Models for only $12!  

This one time offer is good for all in-stock Sword Models except for the following:  P&H 4100XPB Models, Superior Models and Etnyre Models.  There is no limit on the number of models you can purchase.  No other discounts apply!  

I told you to visit the Open House this year!   See you there.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Did you book your trip yet??

The Open House is this weekend....  Some more photos will be posted tomorrow showing the setup.   We have discussed an idea for a sale of MONSTROUS proportions for those attending the show.  You will have to be here to take advantage of this deal.  You will not believe it!

Perhaps I will announce what it is tomorrow - perhaps not.  Watch this space for details!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting Ready for Open House

Here are some pics of the warehouse today as we get ready for the big show next weekend - July 30-31.  I have even added captions this time so you kind of know what you are looking at (this is very high tech for me - just realized I can do this...).    Enjoy these pics as we work in the Cleveland heat to get ready for you!

Shipping Station and Tables Ready for Battle!

Before the tables are spread out!

Nick hard at work picking the show order.

More warehouse pics

Secondary Warehouse Getting Ready Too!

Auction area and some items already setup.

Auction Items ready to go on the tables

Closeup of some auction items.

Auction Items already numbered by lot.

Damaged and Scratch & Dent Items ready for the crowd to pick through.

Some auction items already on tables.

Open box items ready for purchase!

Older OHS Model which will be for sale at the show!

Secondary Warehouse getting ready for show.

Hulett sample model sitting quietly.

More general warehouse pics

This area will look quite different come next weekend!

Shot from the back corner of the warehouse.

Some of the pop and water keeping cool in the offices.

Sneak Peak at the front pocket of the 2011 DHS T-Shirt.

Sneak Peak of the back of the 2011 T-Shirt.

Check out the temperature in my car today!
See you at the show!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Collector's Stuff

Hello all,

Just some pics I came across today from a collection that I took.  The collector wishes to remain anonymous so I will not reveal his name or location - but this is a fantastic look into a very wide variety of collectables.  The theme for this collector is "high detail".  He loves the details, no matter what the subject matter.  Many of these items are from Fine Art Models and you will see a good number of TWH and Sword Models in there too!



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to check again if anyone is watching!

Hey Blog Readers... this one is for you...  please read carefully - NO EXCEPTIONS!

This offer absolutely expires on Wednesday July 13 at 12:00 noon EST (Eastern Standard Time).   This is a very short promotion!

In order to get this deal, you need to put "BLOG SALE" in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS space of your order on the checkout page.  Your price online will not change, but you will receive the special prices below if you order one of these items:

1. Sword Models Peterbilt w/Genesis Dump Truck - SW2042 is the master part number.  Choose your color.  Your special price is $79.95 - that is $100 off!!!

2. Sword Models Oshkosh Plow w/Dump Body - SW3004-Y is the part number.  Your special price is $39.95 - that is better than half price!!

Only this time period and only these two models are eligible - this is a test to see who is watching - do not post this on the forum please!   Get your orders in!  DHS Homepage


Lots of things happening!

Hello friends,

As we get closer and closer to Open House 2011, we are deluged with work.  This is good as it keeps me off the streets... but getting ready for our 2011-2012 catalog (available at the show), getting our auction list together Auction List and getting the huge collection listed at the ADM Website is taking its toll.   (When you press this ADM link, put "L5" in the search box at the top right of the screen and you will see the new items.  We are working on getting the pics posted).

I promised a few people that I would blog more often and I admit, I am weak.  But I am here now and will tell you a bit about some things I know.

You have been asking "where are the P&H 4100 XPC XPC Model Link Models?".  Well, they are arriving slowing but surely.  We expect to see some at the end of July and will continue to send them out in the order that they were ordered.  You should know that we are being very fair in that way - delivery is based on order date.

Also - now that the Sword Model Flatbeds Sword Model Flatbed are in stock, everyone asks where the Entyre Asphalt Distributor models are hiding.  I can safely tell you that we will have enough for most of you to pickup at the Open House and the balance are coming in mid-August (just a few weeks later).

What about the 31000 Manitowoc Crane 31000 Link you ask?  Well, as far as I can tell, it will not arrive before Christmas, and may show up during the first quarter of 2012.

Other items you should look at as they are in a very limited production and so will hold or increase in value are:

The HCEA's first model, the Otis Shovel Otis Shovel.  This model is fantastic and is actually built in the good old USA.  I recommend taking a good look at this model.  I think you will be very happy with it.

The OMTI's first model, the Hulett Ore Unloader Hulett Ore Unloader .  This model is being made as a fundraiser for a museum I will tell you all about in a future blog, but the model is fantastic!

Of course, these last two models are quite hard on the old wallet, I understand.  But you do get what you pay for!

At the Open House this year, you can expect:
 - To see a bunch of real equipment.  We are working on many local companies to bring in some stuff to crawl on.  You will also get a sneak preview on some new products
- To meet the author of the Gradall Book - Jim Grant who will sign your very own copy.
- To eat some great FREE gourmet hot dogs with chips and soda (pop).
- To meet and greet some of your fellow collectors and the DHS Staff.
- To get access to our newest, latest and greatest DHS T-Shirt.
- To participate in an auction of over 320 items.
- To view a model show bigger than ever.  With great prizes for the winners!
- Access to some great models at low, low prices as we expand our list of discounted models only available at the show.
- To see over 1500 items out for your viewing pleasure.  We take them all out of the boxes for you to review.
- To have more fun than nature should allow.

That's it for now - talk soon.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Readers See it First!

Hey - the DHS Annual Auction is coming up this July 30th - as you probably know.  Here is a sneak peak at the list... DHS Auction List

Photos are coming soon!