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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Turtle Model Creations

Hello guys,

The "man from Turtle" has been here as of late.  Some of you know this master craftsman.  And his products are produced very very slowly (hence the name of the company).  Of course is he a little crazy (he would have to be), but here are some of his newest creations...  

This first model is already sold.   It started out as a very nice Pete 335 (if I do say so myself) and has been crafted into a monster.   Please take your time and look closely at this model.  Everything has been built from scratch - except for the cab and the base skid steer.  It is going to a very good home.

And also from Turtle - check out this beast!  We have offered this one to a customer who really likes the Turtle products and are waiting to hear from him...  Again, note the details!

These are just two of the latest creations from the mad scientist who calls himself Turtle Models.

 Here is a taste of past projects.... all of these models are already sold!

Interesting stuff, huh?