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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Upcoming Auction and Sweet Deals Sale!

Hello all,

Haven't posted in awhile - my fault - some of the reason is this little guy....

That's right, Chuck is old enough to be a GRANDFATHER!  Cayden was born last October while I was away attending the IHOBBY Show in Chicago.   Well, we have made up for lost time.  When he leaves my place, I am exhausted  - too tired to post on this blog.

And, yes, he already has a dump truck, excavator and plenty of books about construction items!  I am making sure he is brought up RIGHT!

But anyway - some things happening soon include our Annual Spring Auction - items are posted already and you can link to the auction HERE!

Also - we have one heck of a sale going on right now!   Check out all of the SWEET DEALS at this link... SWEET DEALS!

The sale goes through the end of the March Madness season and I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to load up on some very nice models.

Lots of new product starting to arrive (finally) and we will keep you posted - keep checking back and I promise to keep you posted on this venue!