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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4100XPC & PC8000 Photos

Hey all - I forgot I took some photos at the CONEXPO of the P&H 4100XPC Model Sample and the Komatsu PC8000 Sample.  Here they are... enjoy!

And the PC8000 Photos...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in Ohio

Well, just returned home this evening.  Will be back in the office tomorrow probably in the afternoon.  Some final thoughts regarding CONEXPO.

- Talked to my sales manager from the show.  The Big Dog says that there were some things we could have done better at the show to help improve traffic flow, but overall we did fairly well.  Next time, our booth and our process will be improved.
- Met lots of interesting people at the show including some customers I have not met with before as well as some new people who will hopefully become customers.
- We are not the lowest price company out there, but we really try to be fair in all of our dealings and we always hope that our customers will recognize that we are the right company to do business with.  Many people feel that customer loyalty is dead.  I really don't believe that.  I believe that if customers see a value in dealing with a reputable company, they will keep coming back.  We hope to present that option to our clients because, of course, they are our reason for being in business.
- We want to thank all of the people who showed up to see us at CONEXPO this year.  We appreciate the patience that everyone showed when they had to stand in line to talk to someone to get their questions answered.  We hope that we answered all of your questions, but if not, please call the office or send us an email and let us know what we can do different.
- We are always open to suggestions.  I talked to a customer at the show who was unhappy with us because we charged his card well in advance of shipping his item.  This is not our policy!  We never do that as ous systems at the office do not even allow us to handle this.  But that customer did not call us to tell us he was unhappy!  Obviously there was a mistake made somewhere and we could fix it - but we need to know if there is an issue.  Brings up the hope that clients do call us if they are unhappy so that we can make it right.
- We know we cannot please everyone all the time, but I am very confident in our staff and our processes so that I think we can increase the happiness factor for sure! 

Found a few more pics from the show - think you will enjoy these!  Thanks again for listening.  Will keep this blog going - at least every other night as I get back to work in the office.

Next show is the Train Collectors of America (TCA) show in York, Pennsylvania.  It is coming up in a few weeks.  Hope to see you TCA members at the show!

Paul and Chris!

PC8000 and 4100XPC Model in the booth!

Here are some more pics of the batch plant - as requested!

New product from Superior Industries - Maker of the TeleStacker!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Conexpo is over!

Not that we didn't have a good time, but I am very happy that the show is over.  My feet are thankful for the ability to sit down again.  Finished the show up strong on Saturday at the show, retrieved our crate quickly and were able to pack up last evening.

Had dinner with the guys from Mammoet - Paul and Christiaan were very gracious and took us out and even invited Kat and the Big Dog.  We ate at the New York New York restaurant called The America.  The best part of the evening was the discussion about the portion size of the meals in the USA vs. in Holland.  It is obvious why we in the USA have weight problems!  Paul could not find the bottom of his bowl of pasta and Chris could not believe how large a full rack of ribs were.

Found a few more pics from the show - will post them later.

Thanks to all of those customers new and old who visited us at the booth this year.  We have some amazing customers and obviously would not be here without you.

Post again soon...


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conexpo Open Day 4!

Hello all - not sure what happened last night - I created a post but perhaps did not press the final button to post it.  Sorry about that...

Some more news from the show.  Made the trek to see the CCM Booth - which is located in the South Hall in the furthest corner away from our booth.  Bob Peterson had the 992 Loader, the new Coal Loader model.  Also got to see the winch attachment for the D7 model as well as some of the samples of the "bad" D9H models.  Bob pointed out the flaws in the machines - and it was easy to see why they were rejected.  The colors were off on the models as well as having some other problems.  Bob tells me that the primer used was not what they requested and that caused the color variations.  I did confirm that ALL of the models were destroyed.  Gary Peterson supervised the actual crushing of the models.

Also checked out the Rogers Trailers, Nelson Trailers, Mack, Kenworth and many other booths.  Check out some of the photos below from my travels in the halls.  Enjoy!

Will have more info tomorrow - BTW - the first photo shows the staff at the booth!!