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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We want to see if anyone is paying attention!

Hi guys (and ladies),

Just to check if anyone is paying attention....  I have a super deal for you!    Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:  Read this entire message.
Step 2:  Go to our homepage at DHS Homepage.
Step 3: Order any in-stock item.  (For you really frugal guys, the "DHS_DECAL" is the least expensive product we offer at $1.79).  But you can order ANY item we have in stock.  We do reserve the right to call you CHEAP if you only order the decal.
Step 4: Add the Item "PREF2011" to your order.  Amazingly you will see that the Preferred Membership for this year is coming up at NO CHARGE!  Yes, you heard it right, get all the benefits of a Preferred Membership at no cost for a full year!   See here for Preferred Member benefits:  Preferred Member FAQ.
Step 5: Sit back and enjoy the good life!  Your membership will be processed on the next business day!

This offer expires on June 30, 2011 at midnight - so hurry up!  Please don't post about this deal on the forum because we want to see how many people are reading this blog.  But you can contact your friends to tell them about it!

Some benefits of the DHS Preferred Program that you may not know about:
- Early access to the DHS Open House weekend.  We offer food and drink for our Preferred Members who can show up Friday afternoon for some special preview time.
- Access to the Preferred Model each year and earlier edition models until they are SOLD OUT.
- Access to a special area on our webpage - you will see it pop up on the top right side of the homepage when you are setup as "Preferred".
- Handy membership card for showing off to your friends and neighbors.
- Of course the most important feature - you automatically get 5% off your orders for the whole year!  And if you spend over $2500/year - you will get 10% off for the remainder of the year.

Already paid for your membership??  Just email with the super secret code of PREFERRED BLOG DEAL and we will deduct $30 from your next order over $150!

All this just for reading Chuck's Blog????   To good to be true!

Sign up today!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Otis Detailed Photos Released

Hey all,

I just received some fantastic detailed photos of the Otis Shovel that the Historical Construction Equipment Association is selling as a fundraiser.   Just so you know, DHS was instrumental in getting this model made.  We introduced Larry and the gang at the HCEA to TWH at the HCEA's show a few years back.  TWH agreed to take this project through their BIG IRON factory.  (This is the same factory that produced the Bucyrus 8750 Dragline Models).  The factory produced only the metal parts and shipped them to TWH.

This model is actually completely assembled and all of the wood is cut and installed here in the USA.  The model is basically hand-crafted individually and the detail that has come of this process is way better than we even imagined.   You can see from the photos that this model is AMAZING!

Interesting bit of info re: the Otis Shovel:
- This was the very first excavating machine manufactured.
- It is actually part of the logo of the HCEA.
- The original cost of the real machine was $4500.
- The cost of the scale model is actually $4500.
- The model is a fundraiser and all of the money goes to the HCEA to promote their very own scale model program.
- Only 70 of these machines will be made.
- DHS does not make a dime from the sale of these machines.
- They are now available from your favorite model dealer as the HCEA has sanctioned a dealer program.
Tell your dealer that you want one and they will get it for you!

Here is a link for more Otis Information:  Otis Shovel Info - Wiki

You need to order this one as soon as you can!   See part number HC001 on the DHS main page at: Otis Model at DHS

All for now -


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Poking Around

Taking a look for pics for the upcoming auction and ran across these - thought you would enjoy them!  These are from a visit to the Mack Museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania!   Here is a link to their website - I encourage you to visit them!   Mack Museum Website

If you do get to visit, you will see the trucks that Sword Models and DHS have donated to the scale model collection that exists there - check it out!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Back from Denver

Hello all - some before pics of Kevin Anderson's collection space...

We will have this list of models posted for sale in ADM later this week - I hope!