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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello guys,

As Sword gets ready to announce the colors available for the Bridge Beam Trailer set, here are some pics that were used to manufacture the trailer set.   These were from a trip to West Virginia with my dad.  Prestress Services were hauling about six beams to a job site and we met up with them when they had a day of parking on the side of the highway.

I still remember the cars and trucks rushing past as we took over 350 photos of the rigs - which was needed for the design team.   I know I was not cut out to be a highway construction worker.  Some of the shots required me to dart out into the highway, take the shot and dart back before getting run over.  Not something to be tried at home!


Shot from a bridge above the trailers.

A long shot from the bridge.  Impressive lineup!

Crawling down under the beam looking forward.  The sign in the corner shows our location on the highway.

Long shot - we had to crawl up a hill next to the highway to get the whole photo.

Great photo of the rear dolly system.

Additional photo of the rear dolly.

Shot from under the front dolly looking backwards.

Obviously a large load!

One tractor unit was missing from the group - used to move the drivers to a hotel I assume.  The checkerboard you see is a measuring device we used to show the length/width to the factory design team.

Long shot of the front dolly/jeep configuration.

It was an awesome experience - one I will not forget soon!  I think it was about 90 degrees that day.  The scale model of this trailer set will be available in early 2014 - see our part number SW2035 and SW2037 for detailed colors available (coming soon).


Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey gang,

I have been on this company's mailing list for some time - check this out!

Little Big Rigs


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello all,

Just a short note to share a few more pics from Open House 2013.   Hard to believe its over already.  Now on to Open House 2014!!  Mark your calendars today...

Who are these strange looking characters??

Dad and Chuck's brother-in-law cooking up dogs!

Two of Chuck's kids and one of Michelle's kids working the info desk!

Chuck's niece and nephew checking out the fire truck!

Checking out the train museum display.

Visitors from Wisconsin check out the new Sword Model Offerings!

Rare appearance by derby-hatted man and the founder of Superior Industries!

1/8 scale Manitowoc 4100 being assembled.

Dan and Zach - working hard!

Just some of the people pics I found on my camera...


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello all,

Finally a few moments to post some new photos from Open House 2013....  Thanks again to everyone who came - we had a great time!



Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello all,

Here are the specs on the two new Sword Models announced at the Open House.  Details to follow (after the dealers get the information)....

Ford F250 Pickup Truck

1:50 Scale Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup Truck - Detailed Information Sheet
We are making 2 Versions of this Iconic Pickup Truck:
-          Ford Super Duty F250 4x4 Pickup Truck w/SuperCab & 8ft Bed.
-          Ford Super Duty F250 4x4 Truck w/CrewCab (4-Doors) & 6ft Bed.

-          Opening Doors
-          Opening Tailgate
-          Opening Hood
-          Engine Detail
-          Interior Detail
-          Complete Underbody Detail
-          Turning Front Wheels
-          Rear Hitch
-          Working Suspension

-          To be determined.

-          Estimated Retail Price: $39.95

-          Estimated Delivery Spring, 2014.

Multiple add-on parts will be introduced later - which may include:
-          Escort Vehicle Version
-          Ladder Racks
-          Snowplow Blade
-          Salt Spreader
-          Service Truck Accessories
-          Fifth Wheel Attachment
-          Toolboxes
-          Fuel Tank
-          Trailers
-          Truck Caps
-          Light Bars
-          Bed Covers

Nelson Bridge Beam Trailer

1:50 Scale Nelson Bridge Beam Trailer - Detailed Information

We are making 2 Versions of this set:
-          With Kenworth T800W Tractor Unit
-          With Peterbilt 379 Tractor Unit

Functions/Features of Trailer:
-          3 Axle front jeep connects 5th wheel to trailer
-          Two 3-Axle dollies connected by spanning piece in the rear
-          Realistic Jack Stands and Hydraulic Cylinders
-          Opening Tool Boxes
-          Electrical, Hydraulic and Air Connections and Hoses
-          Accurate Frame Configuration
-          Chrome Wheels
-          DOT Striping
-          Nelson Logo on Mudflaps
-          Orange Caution Flags
-          Orange Caution Lights
-          Full Decal Package

Functions/Features of Tractor:
-          Frame mounted fuel tanks(s)
-          Chrome Exhaust System
-          Front Fenders and Tires with Fender Extension
-          Accurate Chrome Horns and Mirrors
-          Amber Safely Lights
-          Hood Opens to Reveal Engine Detail
-          Doors Open to Reveal Interior Detail
-          Chrome Gas and Air Tanks
-          4 Total Axles – Front Axle, Lift Axle and Two Rear Drive Axles
-          Moveable 5th Wheel
-          Chrome Grill, Bumper and Wheels
-          Steerable Front Wheels
-          Realistic Mudflaps with Company Name and Logo
-          Realistic Air, Hydraulic and Electrical Connections
-          Chrome Headache Rack w/Realistic Chains/Binders

-          To be determined.

-          Estimated Retail Price: $299.95

-          Estimated Delivery January, 2014.

Hope you like these announcements!!!