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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello all - here is a very nice summary of the Tonkin 775G Haul Truck Detail - from Tonkin Models!



Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello all,

Spring auction details and list will be available this week - check back on our website for details.

Here are some pics from the NZG Open House below - these are from their museum.  I took photos of items that you probably never knew that NZG made!  You may also recognize some of the people in the photos...   more to come...


First Models Produced by NZG!!
Looks like some kind of press?

Did you know NZG made airplanes?

These are the famous "chairs" made by NZG!

Not sure exactly what these are?

Looks like jet airplane engines!

The beginning of the NZG Museum.

More of the same.

More cars than I remember!

How about this platform?

Stuck in the corner - not sure this was a scale model...

We had a great time at the NZG Open House - hosted by the fine staff at NZG.   More photos are coming!