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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OK, so where have I been?  Been busy setting up the Open House (July 28-29th) for this year.  Some new things you will see include 3 break-out sessions.  Two master builders will be sharing some of their expertise with anyone who wants to attend a 20 minute demonstration.  Greg from Steel City will share his model painting tips and tricks and Dave from "The Family" will be talking about ideas that you can use to make your own diorama.  Both are experts in their fields and this should be a great learning experience for kids of all ages!  We will have a schedule when you arrive telling you when these sessions will occur on Sunday.

Also scheduled for a session is a presentation about a new museum/theme park concept we have been involved with.  This concept is called "Celebrating America in Motion" and will be the most amazing interactive transportation and industry museum in the United States!  We will host a short 15 minute presentation and video regarding this new idea and hopefully you can attend.

Also a the show this year, we are hosting the Celebrating America in Motion vehicle show.  This year we expect to have over 30 different vehicles present, including historical fire engines, boats, construction machines, cranes, etc.  It should be a blast! 

Also here are the Don Campbell 1/4 scale locomotive and Cat D11 bulldozer models, a visit from a high-end model maker who makes everything out of wood and our normal 2000+ items on display for you to see up close.

Sounds like fun, huh?? 

Get your hotel reservations and mark your calendars today!!