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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Astec has a new scale model in their booth here....  Check out this complete concrete batch plant in 1:8 scale...  permission was granted by Astec to show these pics!

Here are some additional photos from the WOC show...

Hello all, We are having some fun at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas this week. Check out these pics from the show - Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Resolution

Hello all,

As many times happens, New Years Resolutions take a back seat when we get back to life.  Sorry about not posting for awhile here - you will see some new posts a couple times a week from now on....

Current status of models everyone is waiting for have been posted in the forum but if you missed it, CCM has announced the following to us dealers...

Both versions of the models are scheduled to sail January 14th. We should begin shipping from here the week of February 13th barring any issues with Customs.

Expected delivery early March 2012

DD9H partial shipment expected early March 2012

Also - we have been receiving small shipments of P&H XPC Models from TWH.  We are moving slowly through our list of customers in the order that the models were ordered from us.  Please believe we are working as hard as we can to get the models to you!   This one was a long time coming.

Looking forward for DHS, we are heading to the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas Jan 24-27th, 2012.  We will have a booth in the North Hall - NL08 if you want to look us up at the show website for the show: World of Concrete Website

I will also be heading to Germany for Toyfair upon returning from the WOC show.  As many of you know, this is an annual trek to Nurnberg for the world's largest toy show.  The show is open to dealers only and is really gigantic.  I will post some photos from the show while there or upon my return.   Hiding out in the back of Hall 7 is Conrad Models, NZG Models, Bymo, Norscot, Motorart, YCC Models, WSI Models and a few distributors for other models we carry.  ROS Models and Siku are also there in different halls.  This is an opportunity for me to visit with the manufactures and see the new items that will be coming out for 2012. 

Upon returning from the show, I will be working on our new catalog and pricing for the year.  There have been many changes in China in the past year and we are expecting price increases from all manufacturers who make their models there.   Also, the cost of materials has risen dramatically as zinc is tied to petroleum prices.

But hopefully I will get to see some new releases that will be exciting for you guys.  Looking forward to the trip!

All for now - got to get to work!